Coming to England this week!! London and Leeds!


Katie and I are coming to England, you guys!  We will be doing lot’s of exploring, but also making some appearances and signings!!  I am very excited to see everyone.


Here is what i will be doing while i am there:

In addition to the new Great Showdowns book, i will be debuting two new prints!!The Hilltop” and “Lazy Afternoon

Here is a checklist of what i will be bringing with me to Thought Bubble (I’ll have some prints at Forbidden Planet, as well):

So come to these events!  I am looking forward to shaking your hands and talking about interesting things!
***NEWS FLASH ANNOUNCEMENT!  We will be doing a Great Showdowns book release at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn on December 1st!  So put that on your calendars!

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  1. Anna November 5, 2012 - Reply

    I am so excited to meet you guys at Thought Bubble!

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