Dragon Show Super Success!

The East Dragon, West Dragon show was a great success, everyone. Thank you all of you who came! It was splendid to see you! Elli, John, And Max Brode even came to the show (the book was dedicated to these three.  they are the best.) Thanks to Wade, Kevin, Bobby, Ben, and everyone at Gallery Nucleus for help making this show so great.  Especially, Alexis who oversaw the Zombie In Love show as well as this one.  She is the BEST.

If you would like to view the artwork or see more photos go HERE!

If you would like to see some memories that i recorded with my camera, i will show them to you now!  Here goes:


Here are Bobby’s notes as they brainstormed how the show would go…




Here are some shots of the gallery.  Look at the amazing stenciled dragon tail design shape!  They did that by hand!!



This is where i read the book to everyone, while they colored. You can see the Dragons beckoning patrons upstairs to the show…



Knight was there, too.  He held the book prior to me reading it. A real helpful little dude…


There were things for the kids to color.  Here is an example of one of these awesome kids doing some awesome coloring…



Caleb drew West Dragon with pants!


Ava drew both dragons, making sure everyone knows that they are tight bros…



And here is everyone who helped make everything so great!!  They are the best gang!!



So thanks again, you guys!


later days!





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  1. Questronkid April 22, 2012 - Reply

    looks awesome! your work is always awesome! wish i did live in the same country so i could go see it all for real.

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