Forest of Things Prints and Pins!

You guys!  Guess what television series is back this weekend that I will attempt to slowly make my way through and not rush?  It’s that show about the kids and the things that are strange!  I am so excited about it.

To celebrate, we will be releasing the artist proofs from the sold out Forest of Things print run we did last year.  They will go up in the Scott C Shop this Thursday Oct 26th @ 3pm EST!  There are only 20 APs and they will be $75 each.

We will also be releasing a new series of pins this Thursday Oct 26th @ 3pm EST.  The Forest of Things Pin Party series!  Look at these little strange guys!  Get them separately or as a set of 4!  ($10 each or $35 for 4)

So set your watch for Thursday Oct 26th @ 3pm EST. And go to TheScottCShop.

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