Paris Trip!

You guys!

We had the most amazing trip to Paris for the Le Salon du Livre Jeunesse de Montreuil. Thank you so much to Francois and Marie and all the folks at Little Urban for hosting me and showing us such a wonderful time.  We met so many great people!  I loved seeing all of your faces!

Would you like to see some pictures from the festival and the signing?  Here you go!  Photographic memories right now:


The top floor of  Le Salon du Livre Jeunesse de Montreuil



It’s the Cálins Bear!



Francois and friends.


Fichier_005 2


They made pillows for you to HUG.



Susie was there!  Just strolling around.


Fichier_006 Fichier_000 2




The ladies of Librairie L’Herbe Rouge!

IMG_9539 IMG_9531 IMG_9554 Fichier_06 Fichier_01


Thanks again, everyone!  See you next time!!



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  1. DarrenNewburgh February 2, 2017 - Reply

    Your painting is really very interesting!!! ●▽●

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