Great Northern Pin release + new products in SHOP!

It’s time for the Great Northern Pin Party release!

Now you can wear Agent Coop, Log Lady, Man in the Red, and Pete right there on your shirt!  Show everyone how much you love these guys!  Be proud of this gang.

They will go online in TheScottCShop at noon EST tomorrow Tuesday the 15th.  These will be limited edition, so we won’t make more once they are sold out.  You can buy them separately at $10 or as a 4-pack for $35.  It is entirely up to YOU.


In addition to these new pins, most of the items we had debuted at San Diego Comic Con will be available in the Scott C store!

The other new items will include:


“Princess Upon The Mound” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)

“Dinosaur Day” print – $45 (13×19, edition of 100)

“Friends Forever and a Blanket” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“Something On My Shoulders” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“The Dark Break” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

PIN PARTY PINS: “Long Neck”, ” Car Dog”, “Alien On The Go” – $10 each

Unicorn Tote Bag – $15

Unicorn Shirt – $20

Devil Bones shirt  – $20

“XO, OX A Love Story” children’s picture book – $18

“Brobot Bedtime” children’s picture book – $17

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