Great Showdowns and the LA Experience…

Well, that was sure a splendid week last week.  Want to Hear about it?  Ok, i shall tell you about it.

The Great Showdowns exhibition went super well!  Thanks to Gallery 1988 for setting up such a great show and for all of you who came out for it!  I very much enjoyed myself.  I hope you did as well.  There were many familiar faces and many brand spanking new faces that i totally enjoyed seeing.

If you would like to view the show in it’s entirety and purchase any of them go to

The contest went very well.  There were 10 people that handed in perfect scores, so i drew the final name out of the hat that was shaped like Darth Vader’s head.  and the winner was and is………

Tony Piantesdosi!

He chose the film BRICK as the showdown he would like painted.  Which is exciting because i have never seen Brick, but i am very much looking forward to watching it and maybe eating some mint snacks while i do so.  I hear the dialog is pretty interesting to listen to.  I will paint it for you soon!

Anyway, here are some photo highlights from the show.  (Some photos were taken by some of you!  thank you!)

1)  Here is Katie hanging the show.  She did it all in one day.  She is amazing and experienced at that sort of thing.  She used special tools to make sure everything was straight….




2)  Here i am painting the title of the show on the wall.  I used a shakey hand technique that well trained artists use….





3) All my favorite faces were the first to line up for the show. Josh brought a chair to sit in. I like all of these guys a lot.  They are super nice people.  Josh, Peter, Germain, Amanda, Richard, the whole gang.  It’s a real good gang.



4)  The line started growing a bit, so i went out to hang with everybody and draw some portraits…



5)  Here i am drawing someone’s portrait.  This is what my face looks like while i am looking at someone else’s face…



6)  Here is an example of a portrait.  This particular portrait was of Peter. I labeled it in case people had a difficult time figuring it out.




7)  We opened the doors and let in all of the good times party….



8)  Those red dots mean that those Showdowns will have new homes to live in after the exhibition comes down.



9)  Check out this moody photo someone took…




10)  OMG, look at the tattoo that this fellow got of my Beatles painting from a couple months back!  It looks pretty sweet!  Almost looks like a forearm gatling gun tattoo.  but if you look close… it’s just the Beatles with long legs.


11)  I got some amazing little gifts from people!  Like these little guys…


12)   And here is Tony Piantesdosi’s winning scorecard.  Tony’s got a sweet writing style.  I am excited to talk with him about this film BRICK.



ON SATURDAY, we did the Livestream with a LIVE studio audience!  It was super fun, but not without it’s technical difficulties.  In fact, who knows if the videos will ever be on Livestream, but you can go see if you want!  right here:

We chose BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 as the Showdown to be painted.  Specifically, the hoverboard scene.  Because that’s the main part i remember.

The live studio audience was awesome.  lots of sweet questions and comments going on.  Thanks for coming, everyone!



And here is the finished Showdown!  I’ll post it on this week.


And now for the EXTRA CREDIT STORY:

I had the amazing opportunity to visit NPH and the gang on the set of How I Met Your Mother.  What an amazing bunch of people that is.  A sweet TV show family.


Chris and Pam were calling all kinds of shots that day.  They are the best.  And they were wearing shirts of the HIMYM Showdown i painted for Pam.  Best surprise ever to see this.


They put me in a bar scene to support Jason. I pretty much nailed it.  i probably looked like a was talking about some very interesting stuff behind him there.



Then we posed.



But oh, man, you guys.  Look at this.  The whole crew wearing the shirt!  It was really the best ever.  man.  I love this whole group!  Super fun visit.


Anywho, thanks for looking at all this stuff.  i very much enjoyed my trip and feel super inspired now that i am back home in NYC!


Oh, and you can all buy the new Great Showdowns book very soon!  in bookstores everywhere and online in late October!  Keep your eyes peeled!


Thanks, everyone!  You are great!

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5 Responses to “Great Showdowns and the LA Experience…”

  1. Priscilla September 24, 2012 - Reply

    I’m happy you got my little clouds. You’re so awesome. I’m a dork. But seriously… you’re awesome. :)

  2. Dan Litzinger September 24, 2012 - Reply

    Great show and so much fun to meet you! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and never got to make it out to one of your appearances until now. Thanks so much for the portrait (I was the last guy in line who did not get to purchase a book).

    That’s so rad that Priscilla Ahn was there, I had no idea. She’s a great musician and I’m going to see her at the Bootleg this weekend!

  3. Farihaaaaaa September 25, 2012 - Reply

    It was fun watching you paint and really wonderful to meet you! Uber awesomenesszzz (*o*)

  4. Ryan September 27, 2012 - Reply

    Congratulations, Scott! I am very impressed and always thoroughly entertained with your work! I am always looking for your small, subtle details in your art that makes me smile!

    You are inspiring and very motivational! Keep it up!

  5. Nowe testy na prawo jazdy November 20, 2013 - Reply

    I really enjoyed your site since discovering it a couple of months ago! Thank you for all the work you put into it.

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