Great Showdowns Signing – Brooklyn


Merry holidays, you guys!

It is time for a book signing party in New York City!  The place in which i live! Come for books, paintings, and prints and just get jolly with us!  I will draw in whatever you put in front of me!

We will have these things:

  • The Great Showdowns books
  • Great Showdowns actual paintings
  • the brand new limited edition Tener Times print set from Cotton Candy Machine
  • various other Scott C books and prints from this past year or two.
  • warm embraces

Great Showdowns signing with Scott C.

Saturday December 8th, 7 – 8pm

Cotton Candy Machine

235 South 1st Street – Brooklyn


So please come by!  I would love to see you.

your pal, scott c.


p.s. here is one of the prints that will be in the Tender Times set…

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  1. K8 says:

    Love the book and just bought a print of your twin peaks art. Thanks so much!


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