Great Showdowns: The Return signing tour!

Great Showdowns: The Return book tour!

You guys!  Now that the second Great Showdowns book is out in the world amongst us, it is time for me to come visit some towns and do some signings!  Starting this Friday at Spoke Art in San Francisco!

Here is the schedule as it stands:

October 18 , 7 – 9pm – Spoke Art (San Francisco)

November 1 , 7 – 9pm – My Plastic Heart (Manhattan)

November 11 , 7 – 9pm – Mondo Gallery (Austin)

We are going to have a special print at these signings!  The print pictured below will be a run of 200 and will only be at these signings!  As long as they last.  Then i will put the remaining ones online.

So come out and let us rejoice together!

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  1. Bob Gutowski October 16, 2013 - Reply

    Dear Scott, I’m looking through Volume Two right now (well, no – right now, I’m typing). I hope you’re going to have prints for sale of the showdown from NOSFERATU. I knew I had to have Volume One when I saw your SHAUN OF THE DEAD reunion, and I’m not just saying that because that’s why Edgar Wright got it (grumble, grumble, no SHAUN prints available for the great unwashed)! I also bought a copy of #1 as a memento of the occasion for a woman with whom I was writing, for a purely academic exercise at NYC’s BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, songs for a musical version of SHAUN. I love your work! Enjoy your tour! Best wishes, Bob

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