Harry Potter Tribute Show


Hello, everyone.

So the Harry Potter movies conclude this year and Gallery Nucleus is having a tribute show for it.  check it out.  if you are a Harry Potter fan, you will probably lose your mind…


Harry Potter tribute Exhibition

July 9 7-11pm

Gallery Nucleus (LA)


Here is the piece i submitted…

more up to date info on the Nucleus Blog

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7 Responses to “Harry Potter Tribute Show”

  1. Vicky Monté June 21, 2011 - Reply

    Why are you SO great? I absolutely adore your work, you are, by far, mi favorite artist.

  2. Austin Madison June 21, 2011 - Reply

    This illustration puts the “awww” back in “awwwsome”.

  3. Aline L. June 21, 2011 - Reply

    Beautiful composition, delicate colors and above all Harry Potter & Agrid that makes you want to dive back into the movies (or books)!

  4. Eric June 23, 2011 - Reply

    This is just wonderful Scott! Can’t wait for the solo show in September! :D

  5. Kat June 24, 2011 - Reply

    WOW! this is brilliant. You have really captured the meaning of the relationship between these two character.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ed June 28, 2011 - Reply

    what happened to the hagrid make out with hermione idea!?!?~ just kidding. this is good too! very cute!

  7. Liiitza February 1, 2012 - Reply

    Love the picture with Hagrid and Harry!

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