Hey, everybody!

Do you need help coming up with gift ideas?  well, i totally have some ideas for you.  I shall share them with you.


Scott C’s gift ideas:


  1. Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C.The super popular book that everyone is talking about in public meeting places.  There are all kinds of little paintings in this book for your loved ones to look and point at.
  2. Zombie in Love
    by Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell.  The children’s picture book that chronicles the story of Mortimer and his search for companionship.  It is not a long story.  Just 32 pages or so. Kids will flip out over it. Adults might flip out, too. who knows. 
  3. Original Paintings! from Gallery Nucleus and Gallery 1988 shows.  Actual watercolor paintings! Framed and everything!  Most of the paintings are from the Zombie In Love and GHOSTS shows that happened these past couple months, but some Home Slices and Showdowns are still in there. Those were some good times, those shows. Your loved ones might like some of these paintings for their walls. 
  4. Supreme Battle wooden jigsaw puzzle! Oh, man. This puzzle is amazing!  it is made of wood and smells terrific. Some of the pieces are even shaped like instruments and items that knights would use. i think there are some pieces that are shaped like tea cups, but i can’t remember.
  5. Great Showdown Print Set #8 – This is the latest set in the Great Showdown series.  You may have voted on this set once.  5 selections chosen by you guys, so they are real good selections.  They are small and cute looking like flat candy.
  6. Great Showdowns coaster set! – Do your loved ones need places to put their cups or mugs? Perhaps they will want to put their cups or mugs on these coasters, also from the Great Showdown series.  They are super sturdy.  Made of tile.  In fact, if you buy a few hundred of them, you could probably tile your bathroom with them.  That’s a brand new idea i just came up with for you. 
  7. Zombie Picnic  limited edition print from Gallery Nucleus.  This is the only print we made from the Zombie In Love show.  Your loved one will probably enjoy it because it depicts a loving scene involving the two zombies from the story, Mortimer and Mildred.  They are eating a brain cake.  Can you believe it?
  8. Zombie Fair T-Shirt – Hey, look at this awesome shirt. It’s got zombies on it.  They are enjoying a Zombie Country Fair. 
  9. Various Prints from Poster Cabaret, Gallery Nucleus, and Gallery 1988!  There are a bunch of prints available online.  So many ideas!  I am psyched for you to check everything out.  This first one is called “The Open Road” and it’s at Gallery 1988.  Do you recognize the movie it is from?  Your loved ones will probably recognize it.
And that concludes my LIST OF GIFT IDEAS!  I hope you find some things that help you out.  I think most of these places are having sales, as well, so that might be kind of helpful.  Anyway, good luck!  If you are my family and you read this list, try to forget that you read it because… well, just try to forget this list.
the rest of you have an awesome December!!
..scott c.

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  1. L November 30, 2011 - Reply

    A great list! One question: Will another edition “Concentrating on the Js” be available ever again? Thank you!

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