“In The Warmth Of The Great Northern” …The creation of a NEW PRINT!


“In the Warmth of the Great Northern”

Here it is!  The finished painting that shall become available as a print this Wednesday to celebrate the long awaited return of the classic television program from the age of the 90’s. This show was a huge inspiration on everything that I have ever created whether it be comics, video games, or paintings.   Really, when i think about character design, i think about ways to make them more special to whatever world it might be.  There is a magic to the characters in this show that we don’t see too often, you guys.  I am sure you all agree.

This print will be a timed release, meaning everyone will have 2 full weeks to purchase it, and once that timeframe is over, they will never be sold again. The signed and numbered edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release. Starting Wednesday May 10th @ 10am EST the print will stay available all the way to Wednesday May 24th @ 10am EST. TWO FULL WEEKS! Gosh, i am excited for you guys.  The print will be 13 x 20 inches at $60 each in TheScottCShop.com


Thank you for following along with the process of creating this thing!  Here is a collection of the process videos and images, so you can follow along at your leisure.  Then go buy a print of it for your wall at home!  And prepare to watch the return of the show in a couple weeks.  We shall see who from this painting makes the cut for the new season.


I started by sketching all the characters over and over.  remember that?  likeness can be a finicky little bugger.


Once all the sketches are scanned into photoshop, i started to lay the thing out.  In this case i decided to put them all in The Great Northern, so they can get cozy by the fire together.

Once it wasas all laid out, i printed the piece out on pieces of paper and taped them together to trace them onto the watercolor paper.


Then I had to choose the colors.  Lot’s of wood in this hotel scene.

Laid in the color washes.  You can see where the man in red was to perch.

WOOD BEAMS!  Look at those wooden beams.

That rug was sure complicated to figure out. I was listening to Serial as i painted that rug.  i remember because i was getting so stressed out.

And not the painting of the people!  I love painting coats.



Punching up the values means i repaint everything again!  man.  I should get it right the first time.


I used colored pencils for the details like on this little sweater here.  There are lots of oversize 90’s sweaters, in this show you will notice.


And here is the finished piece!


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2 Responses to ““In The Warmth Of The Great Northern” …The creation of a NEW PRINT!”

  1. Conor May 9, 2017 - Reply

    So awesome!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to document this!
    Definitely +1 to my collection.
    Many thanks Scott,

  2. Steve May 11, 2017 - Reply

    Congratulations! The art style is as quirky as the show. I love it!

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