It’s San Diego Comic Con time!

I will be at booth #2643 with Gallery Nucleus, as usual!

Here are all of the new things that i will be debuting at Comic Con this year.  (note: a NEW Cantina table will be released each day of the show, two released on Saturday and Sunday see schedule below!) Most of these items shall become available soon after Comic Con in my online store at!

TheGoldblumsPRINT copy copy

1. The Goldblums $30 (11×14 edition of 100)

TumTumPRINT copy

2. Tum Tum $30 (11×14 edition of 100)

BuenosMomentosEnElTemploPRINT copy copy

3. Buenos Momentos en el Templo $45 (13×19 edition of 100)

CivilWarShowdown_PRINT copy

4. Great Showdown: Disagreement Amongst Friends $20 (7.25 x 4.75 inches edition of 100, first 50 to be released at SDCC)


5. Cantina Tables 1-7 $20 each (5×7 editions of 75)

SDCC release schedule:

Wed: Table 1

Thursday: Table 2

Friday: Table 3

Saturday: Tables 4 and 5

Sunday: Tables 6 and 7


6. Skull Plants Shirt $20

Totes_SkeletonDevil copySMLL

7. Devil Bones Tote $15

100AcreLogRun copy

8. 100 Acre Log Run (edition of 150, ONLY at the Gallery Nucleus booth)


9. Hug Machine pins!!!

10. Reprint of shirts form Gallery Nucleus including the Super Hungry shirt!


Here is the SDCC Scott C checklist that you can print out and put in your pocket:

1. NEW The Goldblums print (11×14 edition of 100)

2. NEW Tum Tum print (11×14 edition of 100)

3. NEW Buenos Momentos en el Templo print (11×14 edition of 100)

4. NEW Great Showdown: Disagreement Amongst Friends print (7.25 x 4.75 inches edition of 100, first 50 to be released at SDCC)

5. NEW Cantina Tables 1-7 print (5×7 editions of 75)

SDCC release schedule:

Wed: Table 1

Thursday: Table 2

Friday: Table 3

Saturday: Tables 4 and 5

Sunday: Tables 6 and 7

6. NEW Skull Plants Shirt

7. NEW Devil Bones Tote

8. NEW 100 Acre Log Run print

9. NEW Hug Machine pins

10. Reissue of Gallery Nucleus shirts…

11. Picture books including: Hug Machine, Zombie in Love, East Dragon West Dragon

12. The Great Showdowns books

13. Amazing Everything book

14. Any prints that I still have from past runs!

Most of these items shall become available soon after Comic Con in my online store at!


Mexico City and Oaxaca Adventures

MusicaAbundanteYJuego DePiernas copy


I have been pretty busy, you guys.  So much so that I have not been able to tell all of you about our amazing times in Mexico City and Oaxaca.  I would like to tell you about them right now!


Guru Galeria was kind enough to invite me to come visit Mexico City and create a solo exhibition back in February of this year.  It was a bit of a retrospective show as I brought prints and paintings from past projects.  I did create some new artwork inspired by Mexican culture.  Cha and Nadia from Guru were incredible hosts.  They showed Susie and I all the sweetest spots and we quickly understood how wonderful Mexico City is. I would like to return on a regular basis if I can figure out how to do it.

I did a few interviews while I was there, one was even on the television set!  I spoke with Centro De Cultura Digital in front of a live studio audience during their festival.  It was a real fun chat!  You can watch it HERE!

Here are some of the pieces I created for the show along with some photo memories for you…

leif 6021 leif 6022 leif 6023

BuenosMomentosEnElTemplo copy PlazaDeLaBicicleta copy



Here is Cha holding my little Guru shirt.  I love Cha.

IMG_9022 IMG_9036 IMG_9046 IMG_9068

This wonderful gal created this stuff creature as a gift!  Look at how cute that little fellow is…



Here is the gang!IMG_9195


I was on Mexican TV, you guys! Check it out…




We met Soledad through Guru Galeria and she invited me to Oaxaca for the Día Mundial del Arte Oaxaca in April to conduct a comic book storytelling workshop for the children.  It was an amazing experience!  I do not speak Spanish, so it made for an interesting workshop with the help of the amazing translators.  The stories were super cute, man.  Everyone came away with some pretty great little books.  And the stamp museum in which the workshop took place was beautiful.  It was called the MUSEO DE FILATELIA DE OAXACA and it was a splendidly inspiring place.



IMG_0173 IMG_0233 IMG_0235

_DSC4015 _DSC4032 _DSC4048 _DSC4049 _DSC4053 _DSC4055 20160417_130722

BREAKBOT Poster in France…


Hello, everyone!

I feel like it’s been a long time since I have posted anything.  I’ve been quite busy finishing up this new picture book, so I apologize for that.  I shall be reentering the word of the internet very soon.

In fact, here is something for you to check out.  I was very flattered and excited to be asked by the Rock en Seine festival to paint a poster for BREAKBOT.  I love BREAKBOT very much. You should listen to BREAKBOT right now. And if you are able, you should go see them on August 26th! It will make you feel so good and your body will move around dancely.  That is why I put a bunch of little dancing things all over the poster as you can see. (Coincidentally, the picture book I am finishing up is called BROBOTS. haha wow.  the world.)

I have just heard word that all of the posters can also be seen in the Metro in Paris.  The BREAKBOT one specifically at the Duroc Station (lign 10 and 13) until next Monday! Go have a look!  And for those of you who cannot go there in person, here is a photo of it…

Scott C. - Breakbot



Alright, you guys.

As some of you may know, Game of Thrones will be returning to the television on April 24th.  Are you excited?  I am pretty excited.

To celebrate this return, we are having a special sale in the Scott C Shop.  It is called THE SLAYER SALE.  All GoT inspired prints will be 15% off from now until April 24th!

This is your chance to own some of those GoT Showdowns or the Slayer himself posing with a very cold fellow.

So go for it!  In the name of Westeros and the other various kingdoms.

Mondo House Party

TheCoats copy theVests copy

“The Coats” and “The Vests”

My pieces for the Mondo House Party this Friday in Austin, TX!

You should go, you guys.  I am sure you will be running around enjoying SXSW, so you might as well just stop the heck in there and be overwhelmed by small art everywhere.


A Lovely Day AP prints – ON SALE THURSDAY!

MadMAx_PrintDimension15x24 copy2


OK, everyone!  It is time for these Fury Road AP prints to be released into the wild!

These are the APs from the initial timed release last July.  I have a very limited number of them, so they will go fast.  I will post a direct link on twitter when it goes live.


“A Lovely Day” AP prints 

$100 each (limited supply)

go on sale in the SCOTT C SHOP this Thursday, March 17th @ 3pm EST!

So get ready for that, you guys!  Enjoy your wonderful day!

Solo Exhibition in Mexico City!



“Wonderful Days” solo exhibition

 Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb 20 @ 5pm

Gurú Galería (Mexico City)

This will be my very first trip to Mexico City!  I cannot wait to see everyone and enjoy the heck out of that place.

This exhibition will be a bit more of a retrospective with various selections of prints from sold out runs and paintings from past shows and projects.  However, I will be creating some new work for the show inspired by Mexico City itself and the culture there.  (Some portions of those are pictured below)

I have heard much about Gurú Galería and am very much looking forward to spending some time with them.  So come over if you are anywhere in town at that time!  Would be wonderful to meet you!


IMG_8512 IMG_8541 IMG_8551Labyrinth copy SharingTime 54_LumberjacksAtWork-copy

NODE Rug / Art Exhibition @ Gallery Nucleus


NODE Rug / Art Exhibition

 Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb 6

Gallery Nucleus


I am very excited to tell you about the NODE Rug Show, you guys.

“Nucleus and NODE are proud to present an exhibition of hand made fair trade rugs. Each rug will be accompanied by new personal artwork by each artist. Come see these works of art in person as we will exhibit 15 unique NODE rugs and debut 5 new exclusive rug designs.”

I submitted a rug design and about 5 new paintings to accompany it. Here are some photos of the amazing rug makers hard at work on the rug in Nepal!  I cannot even believe it.  Incredible.

IMG_0013 IMG_1274 IMG_1285


NODE is just so wonderful.



“NODE is a non-profit social business. Our aim is to make as much impact for fair trade as we can. We work with the worlds best designers and illustrators and convert their images into the highest quality hand-made fair trade carpets.

Our rug makers, Kumbeshwar are a founder member of Fair Trade Nepal. Employees are taught literacy and skills. In addition to fair wages their work supports a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen.

We are very proud to produce our carpets with Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu, Nepal. They were set up as an adult education and support centre and train and work with disadvantaged people, mainly women.

KTS are a founder member of Fair Trade Nepal and are WFTO accredited.

We produce our carpets entirely by hand using age old and natural Tibetan carpet making techniques. All our carpets are made from bales of pure Tibetan wool. It is hand spun into thread, hand dyed with natural and non-polluting dyes, and then hand-knotted on our looms into carpet. We worked with Satyendra and the design team and found a way to convert our digital designs into carpets on the loom using graphs.”



Scott C Holiday Gift Guide!! + Pacific Rim print!

HolidaySale_HM2 copy

Hello, everyone!

It is time for the Scott C Holiday Gift Guide!

I know you could use some help with your holiday gift buying, so allow me to lend a hand.  This is the perfect time for you to have a Scott C Shopping spree because everything is 10% off in the Scott C Shop now until Dec 4th!  Just use the code: Holiday10.

Here are some special holiday gift ideas for you (WITH AN EXTRA CREDIT PACIFIC RIM PRINT AT THE END):




If you are into movies, I feel like you should challenge yourself with this book.  I’ll bet you know many of these films because I have great faith in your movie knowledge.  This is the third collection in the Great Showdowns series.  “Expect many more epic and slightly less epic clashes.  Expect some barbarians, boxers, aliens in blankets, nerds, karate experts, runway models, wonderful singers, space warriors, lovers, elderly ladies, sushi chefs, camp kids, killer dolls, masterminds, dogs, and telephones!”

Jurassic copy

2. Jurassic Backs print – $30

It’s not everyday that one enjoys a ride on some Jurassic Backs, but these lucky dinosaur park goers have found themselves in that very lucky position. For anyone who enjoys dinosaurs or rides!



Kermits copy

3. Kerms print – $20

Here he comes!  All wigglin’ and green!  If you enjoy wiggling or things that are green, you will probably love this print!

Aliens copy

4. Busy with Skulls print – $30

Aliens going about their business with skulls in tow.  For anyone who enjoys skulls, towing, or aliens!

Labyrinth copy

5. Goblin Dreams print – $25

What a wonderful feeling it is to be carried along by you Goblin henchman, dreaming your big dreams.  This print for for anyone who enjoys being carried by goblins!


OfficeSpace copy


6. Filing the Skies print – $20

When you are at your desk all day and all night, why not put engines on it and take to the skies?  This print can inspire you to do so!  Just put it on your wall and imagine enjoying this adventure!




7. Zombie In Love 2 +1 – $15

Mortimer and Mildred are back with the sequel book calledZombie in Love 2 +1!  It follows the young couple as they journey into parenthood!  A brand new human baby is left on their doorstep and they must learn to care for him.  They discover quickly that human babies are not into zombie stuff.  Parenthood can be a struggle normally, so you can imagine how tough it is for these two zombie parents to care for a human baby.  I mean, just imagine!  And guess what?  All your other friends are in this book, the zombie dog, the worms, even a new zombie cat.  You’ll probably love it.



8. Hug Machine – $17

Here is a classic pick from last year! HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.  He hugs people, but he also hugs things.  Nothing escapes.  Nothing.  He even solves problems with his hugs.  Sometimes he comes up against some real tough hugs.  Hugs that would make others give right the heck up and turn away.  But the Hug Machine never backs down.  And if you, the reader, need a hug?  The Hug Machine will hug you.  Do not worry!  Everyone gets a hug.

9. Great Showdowns GoT Edition Print Set #2 – $75 and Print Set #3 – $75

Do you enjoy knights, warriors, princesses, kings, swords, and frozen monsters?  Then  these are probably the print sets for you.


EXTRA CREDIT PRINT: Boats For Everyone” $70 (Timed release ending on 12/3/15)

This print is not in the Scott C Shop, it is in the GALLERY 1988 SHOP!  This is a special timed release of the classic Boats For Everyonepainting from Gallery 1988!  On sale until December 3rd for $70!  Great for anyone who enjoys boats, towns, and monsters!  Expected delivery by mid-January!  So it will arrive after the holidays!

Ok, thus concludes the Scott C Holiday Gift Guide!  I hope you enjoy your holiday season and are not too stressed out about shopping.  Because really you should be enjoying some Holiday cheer.  See you!