Great Northern Pin release + new products in SHOP!

It’s time for the Great Northern Pin Party release!

Now you can wear Agent Coop, Log Lady, Man in the Red, and Pete right there on your shirt!  Show everyone how much you love these guys!  Be proud of this gang.

They will go online in TheScottCShop at noon EST tomorrow Tuesday the 15th.  These will be limited edition, so we won’t make more once they are sold out.  You can buy them separately at $10 or as a 4-pack for $35.  It is entirely up to YOU.


In addition to these new pins, most of the items we had debuted at San Diego Comic Con will be available in the Scott C store!

The other new items will include:


“Princess Upon The Mound” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)

“Dinosaur Day” print – $45 (13×19, edition of 100)

“Friends Forever and a Blanket” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“Something On My Shoulders” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“The Dark Break” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

PIN PARTY PINS: “Long Neck”, ” Car Dog”, “Alien On The Go” – $10 each

Unicorn Tote Bag – $15

Unicorn Shirt – $20

Devil Bones shirt  – $20

“XO, OX A Love Story” children’s picture book – $18

“Brobot Bedtime” children’s picture book – $17

San Diego Comic Con and NEW RELEASES

Alright, everyone, San Diego Comic Con is next week July 19-23 and I have all kinds of new things for you!  I cannot wait to go down there and put these things into everyone’s hands and see your faces!

I will be residing at booth #2643 with Gallery Nucleus as usual.

Special Release at the bottom of this post!!



“Web Slinger Upon Ball” print – $25 (8×10 inches, edition of 75) – (COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: I will doll them out a bit each morning.)

“Princess Upon The Mound” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)

“Dinosaur Day” print – $45 (13×19, edition of 100)

“Friends Forever and a Blanket” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“Something On My Shoulders” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

“The Dark Break” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

PIN PARTY PINS: “Long Neck”, ” Car Dog”, “Alien On The Go” – $10 each

Unicorn Tote Bag – $15

Unicorn Shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20

Devil Bones shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20

“XO, OX A Love Story” children’s picture book – $18

“Brobot Bedtime” children’s picture book – $17

Here is a SDCC 2017 CHECKLIST for you to print and cut into a little reminding piece of paper for your wallet:

  1. NEW “Web Slinger Upon Ball” print – $25 (8×10 inches, edition of 75) – (COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE)
  2. NEW “Princess Upon The Mound” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)
  3. NEW “Dinosaur Day” print – $45 (13×19, edition of 100)
  4. NEW “Friends Forever and a Blanket” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)
  5. NEW “Something On My Shoulders” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)
  6. NEW “The Dark Break” print – $20 (5×7 inches , edition of 150)
  7. NEW PIN PARTY PINS: “Long Neck”, ” Car Dog”, “Alien On The Go” – $10 each
  8. NEW Unicorn Tote Bag – $15
  9. NEW Unicorn Shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20
  10. NEW Devil Bones shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20
  11. NEW XO, OX A Love Story book – $18
  12. NEW Brobot Bedtime book – $17
  13. Forest of Things print  (13×19 edition of 300) $45
  14. The Vests print (8×10 edition of 150) $25
  15. The After Party print (8×10 edition of 100) $25
  16. The Goldblums print (11×14 edition of 100) $30
  17. Tum Tum print (11×14 edition of 100) $30
  18. Buenos Momentos en el Templo print (13×19 edition of 100) $45
  19. Cantina Tables prints (5×7 editions of 75) $20 each
  20. Picture books including: Hug Machine and Zombie in Love
  21. The Great Showdowns books
  22. Any prints and pins that I still have from past runs! (Many are sold out in my online shop, so this will be your only chance to get those ones)

Special Release: In addition to the items I will have at my table (#2643) there will be a separate special release of my very first limited edition TOY.  I have waited all my life for this moment.  And if you look closely you will discover that Slimer is GLOW IN THE DARK.  So great. There will only be 50 of these signed and numbered at the DKE booth #5045. So prep yourselves.

Painting for new San Diego Comic Con prints…

Hello, everyone.  I’ve been doing some painting for you.

These are paintings that I will be turning into prints for San Diego Comic Con July 19-23.  The “Princess Upon Mound” and “Dinosaur Day” prints will become available after Comic Con in my online shop while “Web Slinger Upon Ball” will only be at Comic Con.  (Special news:  i will also be bringing new Rogue One prints to the show and those will also be available in my shop afterwards)

I’d like to show you some process shots right the heck now.  Enjoy!

Making of “Princess Upon Mound”…

The making of  “Web Slinger Upon Ball”…

The making of “DINOSAUR DAY”…

“In The Warmth Of The Great Northern” …The creation of a NEW PRINT!


“In the Warmth of the Great Northern”

Here it is!  The finished painting that shall become available as a print this Wednesday to celebrate the long awaited return of the classic television program from the age of the 90’s. This show was a huge inspiration on everything that I have ever created whether it be comics, video games, or paintings.   Really, when i think about character design, i think about ways to make them more special to whatever world it might be.  There is a magic to the characters in this show that we don’t see too often, you guys.  I am sure you all agree.

This print will be a timed release, meaning everyone will have 2 full weeks to purchase it, and once that timeframe is over, they will never be sold again. The signed and numbered edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release. Starting Wednesday May 10th @ 10am EST the print will stay available all the way to Wednesday May 24th @ 10am EST. TWO FULL WEEKS! Gosh, i am excited for you guys.  The print will be 13 x 20 inches at $60 each in


Thank you for following along with the process of creating this thing!  Here is a collection of the process videos and images, so you can follow along at your leisure.  Then go buy a print of it for your wall at home!  And prepare to watch the return of the show in a couple weeks.  We shall see who from this painting makes the cut for the new season.


I started by sketching all the characters over and over.  remember that?  likeness can be a finicky little bugger.


Once all the sketches are scanned into photoshop, i started to lay the thing out.  In this case i decided to put them all in The Great Northern, so they can get cozy by the fire together.

Once it wasas all laid out, i printed the piece out on pieces of paper and taped them together to trace them onto the watercolor paper.


Then I had to choose the colors.  Lot’s of wood in this hotel scene.

Laid in the color washes.  You can see where the man in red was to perch.

WOOD BEAMS!  Look at those wooden beams.

That rug was sure complicated to figure out. I was listening to Serial as i painted that rug.  i remember because i was getting so stressed out.

And not the painting of the people!  I love painting coats.



Punching up the values means i repaint everything again!  man.  I should get it right the first time.


I used colored pencils for the details like on this little sweater here.  There are lots of oversize 90’s sweaters, in this show you will notice.


And here is the finished piece!



Story by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Pictures by Scott Campbell

BROBOT BEDTIME is the brand new book about three robot brothers who have a difficult time getting the heck to sleep! It’s a clever little story by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen from Abrams Books.  I had the great privilege of painting the pictures for it.  Lot’s of paintings of robots in a bedroom setting.  There are also ROBOT SOUND EFFECTS.  You can look forward to that.

It is out now all over the country! You can just walk into any bookshop and pick it right up!


Here are some spreads from the book for you to peruse:




It’s time for another HOUSE PARTY at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX!

Show opens this Friday March 17th! Everything will be $200.  A wonderful group of talented buddies.  GO to the show if you are in Austin or contact the gallery to see the artwork on your COMPUTER!  But go to that show and send me pictures!  i wish i could be there.

Here are the three paintings i sent down to be in the show…

“Friends Forever and a Blanket”

“Something On My Shoulders”

“The Dark Break”


XO, OX: A Love Story – NYC Book Launch!

Ok, New Yorkers! It is time to celebrate some XO, OX!
We will be having another book launch party for XO,OX – A Love Story, the new book from Adam Rex and Scott Campbell! This time out here on the east coast at Books of Wonder. Come by the shop this Sunday February 11th at 1-3pm. I will be reading the book and talking about and drawing for the kids!Adam will unfortunately not be there, so I will sign my name reeeeeally big in the books to fill up space.
Sunday, February 12th, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
ADAM REX’s XO, OX: A Love Story is funny and witty tale between a hapless ox and a fabulous gazelle, told in correspondence. Join us as we celebrate with illustrator SCOTT CAMPBELL on the release here in New York City.
ADAM REX’s hilarious, sweet, and at times heartbreaking letters between a hopelessly romantic ox and a conceited, beautiful gazelle is paired perfectly with SCOTT CAMPBELL’s joyful illustrations to bring you a romance for the ages.
I will also be reading the book and doing drawing workshops at Sunnyside Plays in Queens this Thursday Feb 9th from 4-6pm.
AND i will be paying a visit to Community Bookstore in Brooklyn to do a similar such visit this Saturday February 11th at 11am!
So please come to one of these little gatherings! They will be great.

XO, OX – NEW Book and Art Exhibition!


Oh, boy, do I have an announcement for all of you!  It’s a NEW BOOK!  Adam Rex and I have teamed up to bring you a story of love and letters!  Oxen and Gazelles!  Suspenders and fancy dresses!!  It is called XO,OX – A Love Story and it is out in stores right now! Brought to you by Neal Porter Books at Roaring Brook Press!  Go down to your local bookstores and pick it up in your hands!

Remember when we used to write letters telling one another how much we loved or felt annoyed with each other?  This story really taps into that excitement.  You will probably love it.

Adam and I will be celebrating the release with a solo exhibition of the book’s artwork at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday Jan 14th!  Jon Klassen will be celebrating the release of his new book We Found A Hat with an exhibition on the same evening at Gallery Nucleus!  Come hang out with us!


XO,OX – A Love Story

January 14 – January 29


Saturday, January 14th (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Free Admission, All Ages Welcome, No RSVP

Los Angeles, CA ​— Artist Scott C and author Adam Rex will both be in the gallery in

celebration of their latest children’s book, XO,OX A Love Story!

○ Original artwork from the book on display

○ Scott will be doing some live drawings! If you are lucky you might get one…

○ Live reading by Adam Rex!

○ Fun XO,OX related activities and free themed refreshments served


And if you live in New York, I will be celebrating at Books of Wonder in the beginning of Feburary!  Adam will unfortunately not be in attendance at this one, but perhaps we can have a little picture of him there for you to chat with.


And now would you like to see some spreads from the book?  How about some rough workups for the book?



Here are some early character designs. I treated these exactly like how I treat designing character for the DOUBLE FINE games! Because it’s nice and clear I think.  Editors and Art Directors and Tim Schafer can choose their favorite letters and numbers…

XOOXRoughs_Gazelle08 XOOXRoughs_Gazelle09  Gazelle_StyleColors XOOXRoughs_Gazelle02

XOOXRoughs_Ox02 XOOXRoughs_Ox6 XOOXRoughs_Ox01 XOOX_Spreads02

Paris Trip!

You guys!

We had the most amazing trip to Paris for the Le Salon du Livre Jeunesse de Montreuil. Thank you so much to Francois and Marie and all the folks at Little Urban for hosting me and showing us such a wonderful time.  We met so many great people!  I loved seeing all of your faces!

Would you like to see some pictures from the festival and the signing?  Here you go!  Photographic memories right now:


The top floor of  Le Salon du Livre Jeunesse de Montreuil



It’s the Cálins Bear!



Francois and friends.


Fichier_005 2


They made pillows for you to HUG.



Susie was there!  Just strolling around.


Fichier_006 Fichier_000 2




The ladies of Librairie L’Herbe Rouge!

IMG_9539 IMG_9531 IMG_9554 Fichier_06 Fichier_01


Thanks again, everyone!  See you next time!!




HolidaySale_HM3 copy

Hello, everyone!

It is time for the Scott C. Holiday Gift Guide!

How’s your year been?  Yeah, i know, me, too.  But let’s get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT! Gift ideas can be real tough to come up with especially with our busy schedules.  Well, honestly, don’t worry about it because I have all kinds of Scott C. themed ideas just for you and your loved ones. Everything can be found in The Scott C Shop and on top of that everything is 15% off in the Scott C Shop now until Dec 4th!  Just use the code: Holiday15. And how about some FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders at are $50 or more??  Let’s do it.

Our big news for this holiday season are NEW PINS!  We are adding three more for the holidays: the WheelDog, the Triple Horner, and the Little Giz!  These are so new that they are still in production and will not ship until Dec 9th. We are also doing a special 4 PIN PARTY PACK in which you can get any 4 pins for $35!  It’s a wonderful way to make you jacket look incredibly festive.

WheelDog1 TripleHorner1 TheGiz1


And here are the HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS just for you:


1. Forest of Things print  (13×19 edition of 300) $45

There are things in the forest!  Have you seen them?  I’ll bet you are a huge fan if you have.  I for one am a huge fan of these things that are often in the forest.  They are also in a nostalgic little suburban town roaming around riding bikes and freaking out on telephones.  This print will look wonderful over your loved one’s couch or vintage record player or 8-track player.


2. The Vests print (8×10 edition of 150) $25

Do your loved ones like VESTS?  Let’s take a moment to revel in the presence of VESTS.  These are the most famous of all VESTS!  Some you may recognize and some you may not.  It’s ok if you don’t recognize all of them, just ask a friend’s help with it.  But regardless, these wonderful VESTS should most definitely live on your loved one’s wall perhaps near or inside of the closet itself.  The foyer might also be a good spot for it, near the hanging coats.


3. The After Party print (8×10 edition of 100) $25

The great battle of the day has ended!  Time to party!  Just float on up and reconvene with old friends and new ones in this print of the after times.  Leave those old bones behind!  You don’t need them at this party!  I’ll bet this print would look nice hanging over your loved one’s D&D sword collection.


4. PINS! $10 each or pack of 4 for $35! (Choices include: Lil Bones, Helicopter Dog, Wheel Dog, Sliming Fellow, Unicorn, Triple Horner, and The Giz)

All kinds of little pins to adorn your loved ones pajamas, jackets, or backpacks!  They will love walking around with these shiny little guys all over themselves.



5. The Goldblums print (11×14 edition of 100) $30

So many wonderful fellas in one place!  They’ve been through so much!  I’ll bet your loved one has a big crush on this guy.  I know I do.

TheGoldblums copy

6. Tum Tum print (11×14 edition of 100) $30

Perhaps your loved ones would like to spend some quiet time on a giant’s tum tum. Here’s a print just for them…

TumTum copy

7. Buenos Momentos en el Templo print (13×19 edition of 100) $45

What a wonderful time everyone is having in the afterlife! Some fun and games and a little work to be done here and there.  Your loved ones may enjoy spending some time with the loved ones already enjoying the afterlife!

This is a piece from my Wonderful Days solo exhibition at Guru Galeria in Mexico City!

BuenosMomentosEnElTemploPRINT copy copy

8. Cantina Tables prints (5×7 editions of 75) $20 each

 Do your loved ones like villainy and scum?  Let’s allow them to spend some time with the villainy and scum of the Cantina Bar.  Each table more scummy than the next.  Who the heck are these smooth talking guys?

CantinaTable6PRINT copy copy CantinaTable2PRINT copy copy CantinaTable3PRINT copy copy CantinaTable4PRINT copy copy

9. Skull Plants Shirt $20

Here is a shirt with some skulls on it.  I am sure you love skulls, but do you also like plants?  Because these little skulls have some plants growing out of them.  Your loved ones like skulls and plants as well.  They need a new shirt this holiday season and they don’t come more festive than this one.


10. Devil Bones Tote $15

Who’s this little Skeleton Devil cruisin’ through??  Where is he going? Probably on the way to the local shop to pick up some books!  Wouldn’t it be great if you were also cruising along with this Skeleton Devil?  Now you can!  He’s on this bag!  You can carry him with you!  And your loved ones will enjoy getting gifts in this thing i’ll bet.


10. GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE REVENGE (the book) – $15

If you are into movies, I feel like you should challenge yourself with this book.  I’ll bet you know many of these films because I have great faith in your movie knowledge.  This is the third collection in the Great Showdowns series.  “Expect many more epic and slightly less epic clashes.  Expect some barbarians, boxers, aliens in blankets, nerds, karate experts, runway models, wonderful singers, space warriors, lovers, elderly ladies, sushi chefs, camp kids, killer dolls, masterminds, dogs, and telephones!”


11. Zombie In Love 2 +1 – $15

Mortimer and Mildred are back with the sequel book calledZombie in Love 2 +1!  It follows the young couple as they journey into parenthood!  A brand new human baby is left on their doorstep and they must learn to care for him.  They discover quickly that human babies are not into zombie stuff.  Parenthood can be a struggle normally, so you can imagine how tough it is for these two zombie parents to care for a human baby.  I mean, just imagine!  And guess what?  All your other friends are in this book, the zombie dog, the worms, even a new zombie cat.  You’ll probably love it.



 12. Hug Machine – $17

Here is a classic pick! HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.  He hugs people, but he also hugs things.  Nothing escapes.  Nothing.  He even solves problems with his hugs.  Sometimes he comes up against some real tough hugs.  Hugs that would make others give right the heck up and turn away.  But the Hug Machine never backs down.  And if you, the reader, need a hug?  The Hug Machine will hug you.  Do not worry!  Everyone gets a hug.


And thus concludes this SCOTT C. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.  I hope you all have some wonderfully warm holiday times.  You are great.


love,  Scott C.