I CAN SIGN YOUR BOOKS! From now until Nov 15th!

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Hey, everyone!

Guess what??  We are doing another book signing special in the shop!  I will be traveling up to the warehouse in Massachusetts to sign all your books!  So from now until November 15th you can have your books customized by me for $10 extra in the SCOTT C SHOP!!

I am very excited about this because it gives me the chance to sign books for you even if i cannot visit your town!  I hope to still visit your town, but in the meantime i can sign these books for you and draw a little dude in there.  We have the newest books in the shop as well!  GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE REVENGE and Zombie in Love 2 +1!  And even books like Hug Machine and Double Fine Action Comics (Special Edition).

So get your books signed!  This will be the last chance to do this before the holidays, so if you want to get something special for your loved ones this is your chance!  I will write “Merry Holidays” in there!  I will write whatever you want!  Just write the requests in the comments of the order.


Ok!  Yay!  Enjoy your days and weeks, you guys!  See you soon!



GGSHunt copy


Oh my goodness.  I am so excited, you guys.

We are about to embark on a wonderful journey together.

Do you remember that scavenger hunt we did for the week leading up to the Great Showdowns: The Revenge exhibition in Los Angeles last year?  Well, to celebrate the release of the third book entitled GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE REVENGE, we will be conducting The GREAT GREAT SHOWDOWNS HUNT: Worldwide Edition! Starting this Monday November 2nd, the hunt will last all week ending on Sunday November 8th! 25 paintings in 19 towns in 5 countries!  Can you believe it?  This will be so nuts.

Here’s what’s happening: I will post 3-4 little paintings from popular films once a day this week starting November 2nd and ending Sunday November 8th.  These paintings shall be placed into envelopes and hidden somewhere at the locations in which those scenes happened. This could happen in your town!

The first person to find this painting shall keep this painting as a gift from me to you!  I only ask that you post a picture of the found painting in your possession, so I can congratulate you in front of the world. Tweet it or whatever you like. #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt

Stay tuned to io9.comslashfilm.com, and GreatShowdowns.com for each day’s hunts!  io9 will be kicking off the hunt this Monday and Slashfilm will take over for the rest of the week!

Here are some memories from the last Great Great Showdowns Hunt in LA!

Can you see the envelope hidden in the bushes there at Die Hard plaza?



Here the prize has been claimed and the letter has been read!


This person decided to read the letter at a computer…


Here is Dan.  He found the last painting and I was lucky enough to be in town for it.  It was a wonderful day…



Alright!  Report to io9 on Monday!  See you then!!

MondoCon and NYCC + NEW PRINTS!



I am about to embark on a journey unlike any I have attempted before.  I will be doing TWO BACK TO BACK COMIC CONS.  I am freaking out about it, but really I am pretty excited.  The first is MondoCon this weekend, Oct 3-4 in Austin (Table T7).  Then I return for NYCC next week Oct 8-11 (Artist Alley N5).  It will be just so nuts.  Two shows I like very much.

I will have all of my newest books and prints, but I will also be debuting 6 NEW PRINTS!  3 will be debuting at MondoCon and 3 at NYCC.  I will be bringing the first half of the editions to the shows and the rest will go online after the shows. I will put aside a certain number for each day of the cons.

Here are the prints debuting at MondoCon:

Aliens copy


“Busy Day With Skulls” 

11×14 inches (limited edition)


Labyrinth copy

“Goblin Dreams”

10×8 inches (limited edition)


OfficeSpace copy


“Filing the Skies”

5×5 inches (limited edition)



Here are the prints that i will be debuting at NYCC:

BTTF copy


“Successful Idea”

5×5 inches (limited edition)



Jurassic copy


“Jurassic Backs”

11×14 inches (limited edition)



Kermits copy


8×10 inches (limited edition)



MondoCon checklist:

  1. NEW PRINTs:  “Busy Day With Skulls”, “Goblin Dreams”, and “Filing the Skies“
  2. NEW Great Showdowns The Revenge book
  3. NEW Zombie In Love 2 +1 book
  4. Hug Machine book
  6. PRINTS:“GoT Great Showdowns”, “Sonny Series“, “The Ghost Pottery Wheel Series“, “The Cosmos“, “Slayer With Cold Friend”, and many others
  7. Various other picture books (limited supply)
  8. Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C book

NYCC Checklist:

  1. NEW PRINTs:  “Busy Day With Skulls”, “Goblin Dreams”, and “Filing the Skies“
  2. NEW Great Showdowns The Revenge book
  3. NEW Zombie In Love 2 +1 book
  4. Hug Machine book
  6. PRINTS:“GoT Great Showdowns”, “Sonny Series“, “The Ghost Pottery Wheel Series“, “The Cosmos“, “Slayer With Cold Friend”, and many others
  7. Various other picture books (limited supply)
  8. Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C book

IMG_1505 HugMachine ZIL2_1024x1024 GreatShowdowns_SDCC Sonny_Set SonnyDefends_print7_16 copy


A Lovely Day – print release!

MadMAx_PrintDimension15x24 copy2


Alright, everyone!  The time has finally come. “A Lovely Day”, the Great Showdown from my new favorite film will now become available as a print to all of you!

I would like for everyone to be able to get a hold of this print, so we will be selling it  as a Timed Release, meaning everyone will have 72 hours to purchase it, and once that timeframe is over, they will never be sold again. The signed and numbered edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release. 

It will become available at the stroke of midnight (EST) / 9 PM (PST) Tuesday, August 4th, and stay available through Friday night, August 7th at midnight (EST) / 9 PM PST. 

Each print will be $70.00.

You will find them in The Scott C Shop!


Great Showdowns print release – GoT edition!


The Great Showdowns: GoT edition prints will go on sale next week starting Tuesday 7/21 @ 3pm EST in The Scott C Shop!  Starting with the remaining 50 prints from San Diego Comic Con sold individually and the next 3 sets of 5 sold each day following.


Here is the GoT print release game plan:

Tues 7/21 @ 3pm EST – the remaining prints from the 5 SDCC releases (50 of each to be sold separately. $15 and $25 each)

Wed 7/22 @ 3pm EST – Set #1 (edition of 100) $75

Thurs 7/23 @ 3pm EST  – Set #2 (edition of 100) $75

Friday 7/24 @ 3pm EST  – Set #3 (edition of 100) -$75
BONUS INFO: Stay tuned for the Fury Road print coming in the following weeks.  more info on that coming soon

Zombie in Love 2 +1 Exhibition!!

leif 6625


As you all might know, the sequel book to the smash hit Zombie In Love was released earlier this year.  So it is time to celebrate this book release with another incredibly enjoyable exhibition at Gallery Nucleus!


Zombie In Love 2 +1 Exhibition and signing

Saturday July 25th

Gallery Nucleus in LA.

Come to our zombie baby shower!  There will be all kinds of fun things for you to do.  And you can dress like a zombie if you want!  There will be prizes.  I will be doing a presentation and reading of the book at 7pm.  And of course all of the original artwork will be adorning the walls.  It will be a pretty great experience, let me just tell you.  Here’s a facebook event for it, so you can see who else is going and avoid or embrace them: ZOMBIE IN LOVE 2+1 EVENT

And goodness gracious, there is another show happening at Gallery Nucleus the same night!  A Double Feature!  It’s my amazing bro SAM BOSMA with FANTASY SPORTS signing and solo exhibition! You all know that dude’s stuff right?  it is unbelievable!  So come hang out with us and celebrate!  Man, it is going to be THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

And if you wanted Hug Machine or any other prints and books, i will sign those things for you!  They’ll have em!

Ok! See you there!!


leif 6620 leif 6635


San Diego Comic Con!


It’s time for San Diego Comic Con! Next week July 9 – 12.

I will be at Booth #2643 (Gallery Nucleus) with all my stuff!  Here are some of the highlights that will be happening this year:


The biggest news is the pre-release of the third Great Showdowns book: GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE REVENGE  with foreword by Paul Scheer

 Can be found at my booth (#2643) and the Titan Books booth.

We will also be  doing the very first Scott C panel ever called “Super Happy Hollywood”.


Friday, July 10 • 2:00pm – 3:00pm
“Artist Scott C (Hug Machine, Psychonauts) celebrates the exclusive early release of Great Showdowns: The Revenge. He’ll be taking some of the most famous and fantastic dueling faces in movie history and sprinkle them with his special Great Showdowns magic. Join Scott and moderator Andrew Sumner for a fast-paced, action-packed panel. Gasp in wonder at Scott’s super limited-edition mask giveaways, and revel in your chance to be drawn by Scott C himself.”

Friday July 10, 2015 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 29AB
This will be followed by autograph time at 3:30pm- 4:30pm at AA06.


I will also have the first 5 GoT Great Showdowns prints at #2643!

Here is the SDCC release schedule for those:

Print #1 – Wed 7/8 (Preview night)

Print #2 – Thurs 7/9

Print #3 – Fri 7/10

Print #4 – Sat 7/11

Print #5 – Sun 7/12


And there’s another special Comic Con Edition Great Showdowns print set available from Gallery 1988 at booth #5250!  You will also be able to buy these online somehow, so check with them and their blog about that.



There will also be a NEW PRINT from Gallery Nucleus called “Dungeon Surprise”.  And a new shirt (TBA).


HugMachine ZIL2_1024x1024

And of course, my newest picture books!  Zombie in Love 2 +1 and Hug Machine



Iphone cases!  i will have some of these as well.



I’ll have a very limited supply of past showdown prints, as well.


Here is a full checklist of what I shall have with me at booth #2643:

And over at Gallery 1988 booth #5250, you will find the Comic Con Edition Great Showdowns set.


Ok!  See you there!  I am super excited!


– scott c