Igloo Head and Tree Head… finally done.

here are the first three pages of my new story for Flight.

Aw, man! A total cliffhanger! What’ll happen to that poor dude? Flight 4 will have the answer. Flight is the anthology that the awesome fellow Kazu puts together. It is quite fancy and great looking. I am not sure when it comes out. Early next year maybe? But oh, man. There are some nice stories in there. This story continues for another 13 pages. 13 pages of explosive action.
you will go nuts when you see what happens. absolutely bananas.
signed, scottc

i sewed one time

Back in 3rd grade i made this realistic depiction of a dragon mid-battle. Awesome yarn on awesome burlap. My mom got bummed on the sword and blood, saying it didn’t need it. Contrarily, i will say that it definitely needs it. That’s what happens in battle, unfortunately. ok, thanks. your pal, scottc.

More Prints

oh, man, hey! these prints are now for sale at Gallery Nucleus!

well, the beasts one is almost for sale. might be a couple days. but soon! also, that book will be out soon, too. from fantagraphics. AND they are having an art show in seattle for it. so you should go if you’re in seattle. it’s dec 2nd at 6014 12th ave. s. 5-8pm.
go to it, but go check these new prints out too! super exciting!!
love, scottc

Battles and Relaxing Show

The art show went splendidly. Here are some pictures of it before people were there.
Also here is a picture of the newest painting i finished right before the show… it was a commission for my friend Ray’s anniversary
. That’s his family eating oreo’s and grilled cheese sandwiches in the middle. Because they eat those all the time. …scottc

Art Show this THURSDAY NOV. 2!!

dudes! and girls! i am having an art show this thursday! in sf! you should go, all of you! i’ll have many of these watercolors in the show.

here is the info:
MEDICINE presents:

“for Battles and Relaxing”

new work by Scott Campbell depicting knights, serpents, tanks, and pyramids. enjoying themselves.

Thursday November 2

@ MEDICINE new shojin-eatstation
161 sutter st. (@ kearny)
2 blocks from union square/1 block from montgomery BART and maybe even 1 block from 49 Geary.

Complimentary organic sushi and a bar w/specials on organic wine, beer and sake

cutest ever

hi. this is a study of “the cutest thing ever”. it is for michelle. she is good at drawing cute things with felt.
your old friend, scottc


Ok, so check it out. I am going to go up to Portland to that convention called STUMPTOWN. October 28th.
I’ll be up there with the Hickee guys Graham, Bagel, Raz, and Joe.

But also, when I am up there I am going to be reading my mini book Pyramid Car outloud, in front of people, at this party called Land of Fake Believe. It will be magical. You should come. Joe Sayers is also reading his book and he is very funny.

Man. Look at all these links. Links are so fun to make. Like hiding little treasure.

Ok, later! scottc

beanbag show flyer

hey, diary. here is a flyer i just finished for my friend daniel. he is doing an accoustic show in san francisco. i am guessing that it will be a comfortable show with beanbags to lay on. -scottc

Battle Of The Serpents!

Actually, the serpents are kind of hanging out chatting rather than fighting. The battle is on their heads. By those smaller dudes.
p.s. And by serpents, i am kind of meaning dinosaurs.