More Ultimate Tanks

dear everybody.
here are some more ultimate tanks.
they belong to greg and paul now.
also i tried putting them on the side this time. for variety reasons..
we’ll see how awesome it goes..
your pal, scottc

The Cliff Ogre

Hi, diary and everybody else!
Something new! This is for a book about mythical beasts that Fantagraphics is putting out in the fall sometime. It is going to be the best book ever is my guess. I’ve seen a bunch of the other artists’ paintings and i am super excited.. i like them very much.
This here is a Cliff Ogre scene… they kick unsuspecting travellers into the mouths of their kids. for reals. that’s what those crazy beasts do.
ok.. cool. later! -scottc


Ok, one more old piece. And then I am will post something new. It is a piece from back before Psychonauts. This is one of the reasons I came to Double Fine… Tim dug it, so it goes. I did this one for a show called Tongue-tied. Every little scene depicts a moment in time in which nobody knows what to say. They are tongue-tied. Some of these moments I have experienced. Some I have not.
sweet, my friends and diary. later, maynards.

the Vessel

Hi, Diary. So check this out. It is a board game I made for this book called Vessel a million years back. It’s really long. I never made any rules for this board game. It is the journey of a message from one person to another… and the varying methods of getting this message to the other person. It’s so crazy, diary. I hope it doesn’t make you go nuts. You are great. love, scottc

the garden of earthly delight

Another piece of past.
This was a painting I did for a show called Gold Frame Show. For this show, everyone interpreted an old master painting.
I did Hieronymus Bosch’s Hell wing from his triptych The Garden of Earthly Delight. Because it is so awesome.
Here is my version.

p.s. I am thinking about possibly not referring to you, diary, in these posts. Does that make you feel bad? Because it’s getting old possibly. That joke. Sorry to call you a joke.. but you know what I mean.
Later, diary.

8 heads

hi, diary.
so listen, i want to share some things with you.
before i go putting up new stuff for you to look at, i wanted to put up some old school stuff. (mostly because i have no new stuff. tbh.) the first batch of old school stuff are these eight heads from an art show i did with the hickee guys one time.
thanks for sharing this memory lane with me, diary.


here are my paintings from the APE$#!T show, diary. it started last friday and goes to june 10th. at space 743 harrison st. in san francisco.


i’m starting you up again diary! a new page for you to live! this time you have white letters on black! you look sweet! like you are wearing a tuxedo!
ok, later, diary. enjoy your new home.
love, scott