To celebrate, we are releasing a special GREAT SHOWDOWNS Print Set of HORROR!

Today, October 31st from Gallery 1988!

Limited edition of 100!

Stay tuned to their blog for details as they unfold.

Great Showdowns: The Return signing tour!

Great Showdowns: The Return book tour!

You guys!  Now that the second Great Showdowns book is out in the world amongst us, it is time for me to come visit some towns and do some signings!  Starting this Friday at Spoke Art in San Francisco!

Here is the schedule as it stands:

October 18 , 7 – 9pm - Spoke Art (San Francisco)

November 1 , 7 – 9pm - My Plastic Heart (Manhattan)

November 11 , 7 – 9pm - Mondo Gallery (Austin)

We are going to have a special print at these signings!  The print pictured below will be a run of 200 and will only be at these signings!  As long as they last.  Then i will put the remaining ones online.

So come out and let us rejoice together!



Hey, look! A NEW BOOK FOR YOU.

GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN is the second collection in the Great Showdowns series.   

This book is similar to the first book just with all new showdowns in it, but there is one big addition that i love.  Full page horizontal showdowns!  You heard me right.  We got some long showdowns in there.

I am incredibly honored for Edgar Wright to have created such a splendid little foreword for the book. He makes films like World’s End and Shaun of the Dead.  He is very good at making films.


And here are some quotes from the back of the book:


“Scott Campbell manages to find the whimsy in life-or-death, do-or-die face-offs.  They could’ve used this guy at the OK Corral.”

- Patton Oswalt


“Do you like art? Do you like movies? I challenge you to NOT enjoy these delightful and challenging face-offs – let’s go, right here, right now.”

- Bob Odenkirk


“When Scott C immortalizes a film as a Great Showdown, it cements its legacy in popular culture.”

- Gremain Lussier, 


Here are some shots of the interior of the book:

IMG_3456 IMG_3453 IMG_3455 IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3448



I suggest you go down to your local bookshop and pick up a copy!  If they don’t have it, tell them about it!

(But if you would like, go ahead and order it online as well.  I totally will not mind too much.)


SIGNINGS! I will be doing some signings coming up that i will remind you about.  The first one is THIS WEEKEND in San Francisco.


October 18 , 7 – 9pm – Spoke Art (San Francisco)

November 1 , 7 – 9pm - My Plastic Heart (Manhattan)

November 11 , 7 – 9pm - Mondo Gallery (Austin)



New York Comic Con



New York Comic Con happens next week!  Thursday to Sunday, October 10 – 13.


I will be in Artist Alley table #N2. 


We will be celebrating the release of the second book in the Great Showdowns series… GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN! omg.  (Release date is set for October 15, but we will have a whole bunch at the Titan Booth and at the Artist Alley table)


I will also be participating in the following panels and signings:

Friday 3 – 4pm - Signing Double Fine Action Comics at the Oni Booth #1844

Saturday 1 – 2pm – Signing Double Fine Action Comics at the Oni Booth #1844

Saturday 2 – 3pm – Signing GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN at the Titan Booth #2142

Sunday 10:45am – 11:45am – The Magic Of Storytelling (1A17) - Speakers: David Lubar, Gitty Daneshvari, Lemony Snicket, Matthew Cody, Matthew Payne, Scott Campbell  ….Description:  Entertain your reader with stories of ghouls, time traveling weenies, lurking monsters, outlandish outlaws and the intrepid teens that keep them all in line. Join Lemony Snicket (When Did You See Her Last?), David Lubar (Weenies series), Matthew Cody (Will in Scarlet), Shannon Hale (Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends), George O’Connor (Olympians) and Scott Campell (If Dogs Run Free) as they discuss crafting stories rich with humor, adventure and mystery for young readers with M.D. Payne (The Monster Juice series).


Here are some highlights on what I shall have at my table (Artist Alley N-2):


Great Showdowns2_CVR_ORIGINAL.indd

The debut of GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN with foreword by Edgar Wright. $15


If Dogs Run Free picture book – by Bob Dylan with pictures by Scott Campbell $18


Dogs Being Dogs shirt - men’s and women’s styles $20


Volumes 1 and 2 of Double Fine Action Comics from ONI Press. $20



The BRAND NEW PRINT called “Givin’ Out Zaps” $30 (edition of 200)


The newish print from Poster Cabaret… Caring For Others $30 (edition of 150)


The other newish print from Poster Cabaret… The Retreat $30 (edition of 70)



Ok!  See you at table N-2 in Artist Alley!
- scott c

Breaking Bad print!



I am super excited and honored to have been asked by Sony/Gallery 1988 to create this painting to celebrate one of the greatest shows to ever be on TV.

I am a huge huge fan of this show, like most people, and going back and reliving all of the amazing moments and characters was a dream come completely true.  I can’t even express how fun it was for me to draw all of these guys.  The painting contains almost every character ever to appear on the show.  My favorites to draw were Todd, Badger, Marie, and the ATM meth addicts.  Most difficult for me to capture was probably Hank and Mike.  Geez what a bunch.

Chris Hardwick revealed this painting on last night’s episode of Talking Bad and said some really nice things.  i love that guy.  You can probably watch the episode online soon.  Anyway,  this print will go on sale on the Breaking Bad website at 12pm EST/9am PST.  Limited to 300.  I hope you like it!  and i hope you enjoy reliving the history of the show with me.

Here are some more detailed pieces from the painting for you to see.



Ok! And we will all be watching that finale together next week won’t we?  Geez louise i am right there with you.




SPX is this weekend!


It’s time for the Small Press Expo again, you guys!  Let’s all go there!  It is in Bethesda, MD.


I will be at table #M10 


I will also be participating in the following panels:


Saturday 6 – 7pm - Illustration as Profession and Practice (White Oak Room) - As a matter of survival, most comics artists must commit their time to other forms of creative production in order to support themselves and their work. Often, the kind of narrative drawing that artists develop within their comics practice can also be turned to the profession of illustration—itself a rapidly changing field. Scott Campbell, Domitille Collardey, Kali Ciesemier, and Adrian Tomine will discuss illustration as both a profession and an artistic practice with moderator Jim Rugg.

Sunday 1 – 2pm – What Makes Drawings Funny? (White Oak Room) - Humor in comics can be found in the writing and in the drawing, and most often is a product of the two. But some drawings are inherently funny in and of themselves, for reasons including style, structure, concept, and composition. Cartoonist Dustin Harbin will investigate the basis for humorous picture-making and ask Peter Bagge, Scott Campbell, Lisa Hanawalt, and Jay Lynch about their individual approaches to making drawings funny.




Here are some highlights:

The NEW If Dogs Run Free picture book – by Bob Dylan with pictures by Scott Campbell


The NEW Dogs Being Dogs shirt - men’s and women’s styles


Volumes 1 and 2 of Double Fine Action Comics from ONI Press.


The Great Showdowns book


The new print from Poster Cabaret… Caring For Others $30 (edition of 150)


The other new print from Poster Cabaret… The Retreat $30 (edition of 70)



Ok!  See you at table M-10!  And at various other hang out spots at SPX.
- scott c

If Dogs Run Free! signing schedule…

You guys!!


If Dogs Run Free is in stores now!  You can go buy it for your small loved ones!

I will be making some little appearances here and there.  Starting this weekend in NYC!

Author Storytime, September 7, 11:00 am, Greenlight Bookstore,  Brooklyn, NY
Draw With Scott Campbell, September 8, 1:30 pm, WORD,  Brooklyn, NY
SPX, September 14 – 15, Bethesda, MD
Baltimore Book Festival, September 27 – 29, Baltimore
NYCC, October 10 – 13, Manhattan


If Dogs Run Free show = SUCCESS

We had a splendid time last weekend, you guys.  Thank you all for coming!  Thank you to Gallery Nucleus for putting on such an amazing event!  Thanks to What’s Up Dog! for bringing some dog friends to meet people and thank you all of you who brought your dogs!  i was so happy to meet all those dogs.  and all of you.

If you would like to adopt a sweet little dog, go to What’s Up Dog!’s site and browse those little guys!  super cute…

Somewhere there is video of the cool little tricks that some of the dogs were doing.  i was so into watching those tricks.

All of the artwork from the show can be viewed here:

The If Dogs Run Free picture book, words by Bob Dylan and pictures by me, will be released on September 3rd!  Very Soon!

And bonus news:  if you would like to listen to the song that the book is based on, you can get Bob Dylan’s New Morning record from 1970, but he has also just released a new album with a new version of the song!  You can listen to it right here:

Gallery Nucleus has also posted a whole bunch of photos from the event.  You should go see how fun it was!


And here are some samples of the photos and the good time we all had together…




I am very excited to share some news with you!

There is a brand new picture book to be released on September 3rd called If Dogs Run Free with words by the very legendary Bob Dylan and pictures by ME (Scott Campbell) from Simon & Schuster.

It is a book that contains a whole lot of dogs just enjoying themselves all over the place. Which is great because I LOVE DOGS.  Even after drawing a million dogs for this book, i am still into dogs.

Here are some examples of what you will find on the inside of the book:





We will be having a special book release/ art exhibition to celebrate the release of the book On August 24th at Gallery Nucleus!  It will be a super fun show. Lot’s of dog portraits and paintings everywhere.  And you can bring your dog!  there should be little zones in which they can enjoy themselves.

i will tell you more about this show later, but in the meantime you can read about it on the Gallery Nucleus website!

SDCC recap

Well, that was sure a fun time!  It was great to see all of you at San Diego Comic Con year 2013!

Remember the Comic Con Prints? You can now get those prints online!

and also those new Nucleus shirts! RIGHT HERE


I would like to share with you some tender memories from SDCC 2013, if that would be alright.  please, embark on this memory journey with me…

This was our booth. That’s Olly Moss and Mike Mitchell sitting down over there.  and Ben from Gallery Nucleus in the backgroun..  We need bigger signs i think.


Here are some of the people that seemed to have enjoyed the Great Showdowns book.

Lady Wolfman…




And the Joker..  (which means a lot to me because the joker knows what is funny.)  (she is the Joker, right? is that a different character i am getting wrong?)



Check out this amazing cross stitch of the Muscleman that someone brought by!  I LOVE IT.



And geez louise, this gal had the most amazing hand painted Double Fine Action Comics nails!



One of my crown jewel moments was when Sasha Nein came by!  The actual fellow who voiced the character of Sasha Nein in the smash hit video game Psychonauts!  His real name is Stephen Stanton.  He was a real cool guy.  He would make a good actual Psychonaut teacher i think.



But my favorite dude i saw was this guy..

Ok!  see you next time! 

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