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San Diego Comic Con and Tr!ckster!!


ok, everyone! This is the big week of  San Diego Comic Con.  I will be there all week starting wednesday night.

This is also the first year of TR!CKSTER, the creator created convention across the street.  i will be doing signings and chats at both SDCC and Tr!ckster.

Here is my schedule:

San Diego Comic Con:

Wed 7/20 – Sun 7/24 : residing with my wares at the Flight/Nucleus booth #2235i will be spending MOST of my time at this booth all week. This is where you will find me most likely.  Many of the Flight 8 artists will also be there, so you can get a copy of the new book and get it signed by a bunch of people, yearbook style.

Friday 7/22…. 2 – 4pm: signing at Gallery Nucleus booth#2235

Saturday 7/23…. 3 -4pm: signing Gallery 1988’s NEW Crazy4Cult books at Zerofriends Booth #5502 (with Mike Mitchell) (GREAT SHOWDOWNS has two full spreads in this book)


Wed 7/20 – Sun 7/24:  i’ll be in and out of Tr!ckster all week during the day and during the nights. i will be selling my wares there as well!

Thursday,  7/21….. 1 – 3PM: SYMPOSIUM 1: SKOTTIESCOTT: LIVE
Featuring storytellers SKOTTIE YOUNG and SCOTT MORSE with special guest “Scott”, SCOTT C. (BUY TICKETS)

Character Design symposium with 3 Scotts!

FRIDAY, 7/22….. 7PM – 1AM:  A TRIBUTE TO THE FILMS OF AKIRA KUROSAWA: (Art Exhibition at which i shall have a new Kurosawa painting)



here are some of the things i will have with me at SDCC and TRICKSTER:

  • Flight 8 (newest volume of the comic anthology that includes a brand new IGLOO HEAD and TREE HEAD story)
  • Supreme Battle Puzzles
  • Great Showdowns print set #7
  • NEW Zombie Shirt from Gallery Nucleus
  • NEW prints
  • OLD prints
  • Double Fine Action Comics book 1

So come hang out!

Flight 8!

Great Showdowns prints!

Supreme Battle puzzle!

Crazy4Cult book!

NEW Prints!

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