SPLENDID LIFE The Art of Scott C.


SPLENDID LIFE The Art of Scott C. is now out in the world from Insight Editions!  

This book collects the past 5 years worth of work that i have put out into this world.  None of the work in my previous collection AMAZING EVERYTHING is in this book.  It’s all the newer stuff!  All the hits are in there: Sonny the Fox, that Mad Max painting, the Ghostbustland piece, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks stuff, my Paris stuff, all those cute unicorns that live amongst the clouds and eat rainbows, the Wild West stuff, mummies, monsters, ghosts!, skulls, flowers… ALL OF IT.  There’s probably even some stuff that fell through the cracks that you haven’t seen before. Who knows.

I am very proud and excited about this collection.  Peppered throughout the book I speak to you, the reader about everything.  You will feel like we are hanging out together in your living room.

I am also incredibly honored that my good friend Mamrie Hart has written the FOREWORD for the book.  Mamrie is wonderful, you guys.  Perhaps you have seen her You Deserve A Drink videos on youtube. They are BIG TIME.  Mamrie and I became buddies at the PIT in New York as we explored the world of IMPROV.  I enjoyed those times quite a lot.

ALSO OUT TODAY are these two little Scott C.  Journals!  They come wrapped up together and are anxiously awaiting your own drawings and notes!  You can get these in any bookshop anywhere.


AND GUESS WHAT!  We are doing this special thing in TheScottCShop where for $10 extra i will personalize any of your books for you!! From now until November 21st i will draw and write anything in there that you want.  So that is another option for buying these books and making them real special.




The good people at Insight Editions are doing a giveaway! Go sign up for the giveaway right HERE!


And now would you like to see what it looks like inside this thing?  Let’s look at some pages together…


I hope you enjoy the book!  I really hope you do!


Thank you!


Scott C.

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3 Responses to “SPLENDID LIFE The Art of Scott C.”

  1. Michele Chiappi November 7, 2017 - Reply

    Dear Scott, as I wrote you on instagram, I would love to receive a personalized book to London, where I live, let me know how I can purchase it

  2. Jake Parker November 9, 2017 - Reply

    Looks amazing dude.

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