The Scott C Amazing Gift List

Well, it is the Holiday season again, you guys.  Time to get super joyous and give things to each other.

I know it can sometimes be hard to think of things to give to loved ones, but don’t worry because i have made a list for you.  The MASTER LIST that is sure to get any loved one incredibly pumped.  And here it be…


  1. The Great Showdowns Book – Let us start this list with the crown jewel of gifts. The Great Showdowns book, the first collection of showdowns from the smash hit series The Great Showdowns.  This little book will fit nicely into any super large sock or jacket pocket. If your loved one likes movies, then they will almost certainly freak out on this.  You can look through it together and strengthen your relationship through working together.
  2. Great Showdowns Print Set #10 – If decorating is more your loved one’s bag, then perhaps he or she might like to hang some Great Showdowns on their walls.  There is a brand new Great Showdowns print set available at Gallery 1988 for exactly that person.  They could hang them together in a group or strewn all over the house in secret places.
  3. Original Great Showdowns paintings –  Or how about actual paintings that are already framed?  That might look nice on your loved one’s walls.
  4. The Great Showdowns Coaster set – I’ll bet your loved ones enjoy refreshing beverages.  Well , these Great Showdowns coasters will make great spots to rest those beverages between sips.  What a Great Showdowns Holiday it will be!
  5. Original Paintings and things from Gallery Nucleus – Perhaps you already have just too much Great Showdowns stuff and would like some other paintings for the walls.  Well, don’t worry about that because Gallery Nucleus has all kinds of things from paintings to prints to even shirts
  6. PRINTS from Poster Cabaret –  If prints are what your loved ones really dig then you should probably go check out Poster Cabaret because they’ve got a whole bunch of new ones over there.  Spacey ones, Twin Peaksy ones, Spidery ones, and just loving couple ones.  Just all kinds of nice ones.
  7. Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C. – Of course, if your loved one did not get this book last year and had some real tears about it, then perhaps you should remedy that this year!  It was the topic of 2012 and you really don’t want your loved one to miss out on these conversations.


And that is the Scott C Holiday Gift List!  I hope you totally find something that they might like!

*****Oh, and a special note:  If you live in New York City and would like any of this stuff signed by my hands, i will be doing a signing party in Brooklyn at Cotton Candy Machine on December 8th, 7- 8 pm!  We will have books and prints and even original Showdowns paintings for you!  We will also be releasing a new limited edition set of Tender Times prints!  So you should come!

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