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Hello, everyone!

It is time for the Scott C. Holiday Gift Guide!

How’s your year been?  Yeah, i know, me, too.  But let’s get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT! Gift ideas can be real tough to come up with especially with our busy schedules.  Well, honestly, don’t worry about it because I have all kinds of Scott C. themed ideas just for you and your loved ones. Everything can be found in The Scott C Shop and on top of that everything is 15% off in the Scott C Shop now until Dec 4th!  Just use the code: Holiday15. And how about some FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders at are $50 or more??  Let’s do it.

Our big news for this holiday season are NEW PINS!  We are adding three more for the holidays: the WheelDog, the Triple Horner, and the Little Giz!  These are so new that they are still in production and will not ship until Dec 9th. We are also doing a special 4 PIN PARTY PACK in which you can get any 4 pins for $35!  It’s a wonderful way to make you jacket look incredibly festive.

WheelDog1 TripleHorner1 TheGiz1


And here are the HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS just for you:


1. Forest of Things print  (13×19 edition of 300) $45

There are things in the forest!  Have you seen them?  I’ll bet you are a huge fan if you have.  I for one am a huge fan of these things that are often in the forest.  They are also in a nostalgic little suburban town roaming around riding bikes and freaking out on telephones.  This print will look wonderful over your loved one’s couch or vintage record player or 8-track player.


2. The Vests print (8×10 edition of 150) $25

Do your loved ones like VESTS?  Let’s take a moment to revel in the presence of VESTS.  These are the most famous of all VESTS!  Some you may recognize and some you may not.  It’s ok if you don’t recognize all of them, just ask a friend’s help with it.  But regardless, these wonderful VESTS should most definitely live on your loved one’s wall perhaps near or inside of the closet itself.  The foyer might also be a good spot for it, near the hanging coats.


3. The After Party print (8×10 edition of 100) $25

The great battle of the day has ended!  Time to party!  Just float on up and reconvene with old friends and new ones in this print of the after times.  Leave those old bones behind!  You don’t need them at this party!  I’ll bet this print would look nice hanging over your loved one’s D&D sword collection.


4. PINS! $10 each or pack of 4 for $35! (Choices include: Lil Bones, Helicopter Dog, Wheel Dog, Sliming Fellow, Unicorn, Triple Horner, and The Giz)

All kinds of little pins to adorn your loved ones pajamas, jackets, or backpacks!  They will love walking around with these shiny little guys all over themselves.



5. The Goldblums print (11×14 edition of 100) $30

So many wonderful fellas in one place!  They’ve been through so much!  I’ll bet your loved one has a big crush on this guy.  I know I do.

TheGoldblums copy

6. Tum Tum print (11×14 edition of 100) $30

Perhaps your loved ones would like to spend some quiet time on a giant’s tum tum. Here’s a print just for them…

TumTum copy

7. Buenos Momentos en el Templo print (13×19 edition of 100) $45

What a wonderful time everyone is having in the afterlife! Some fun and games and a little work to be done here and there.  Your loved ones may enjoy spending some time with the loved ones already enjoying the afterlife!

This is a piece from my Wonderful Days solo exhibition at Guru Galeria in Mexico City!

BuenosMomentosEnElTemploPRINT copy copy

8. Cantina Tables prints (5×7 editions of 75) $20 each

 Do your loved ones like villainy and scum?  Let’s allow them to spend some time with the villainy and scum of the Cantina Bar.  Each table more scummy than the next.  Who the heck are these smooth talking guys?

CantinaTable6PRINT copy copy CantinaTable2PRINT copy copy CantinaTable3PRINT copy copy CantinaTable4PRINT copy copy

9. Skull Plants Shirt $20

Here is a shirt with some skulls on it.  I am sure you love skulls, but do you also like plants?  Because these little skulls have some plants growing out of them.  Your loved ones like skulls and plants as well.  They need a new shirt this holiday season and they don’t come more festive than this one.


10. Devil Bones Tote $15

Who’s this little Skeleton Devil cruisin’ through??  Where is he going? Probably on the way to the local shop to pick up some books!  Wouldn’t it be great if you were also cruising along with this Skeleton Devil?  Now you can!  He’s on this bag!  You can carry him with you!  And your loved ones will enjoy getting gifts in this thing i’ll bet.


10. GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE REVENGE (the book) – $15

If you are into movies, I feel like you should challenge yourself with this book.  I’ll bet you know many of these films because I have great faith in your movie knowledge.  This is the third collection in the Great Showdowns series.  “Expect many more epic and slightly less epic clashes.  Expect some barbarians, boxers, aliens in blankets, nerds, karate experts, runway models, wonderful singers, space warriors, lovers, elderly ladies, sushi chefs, camp kids, killer dolls, masterminds, dogs, and telephones!”


11. Zombie In Love 2 +1 – $15

Mortimer and Mildred are back with the sequel book calledZombie in Love 2 +1!  It follows the young couple as they journey into parenthood!  A brand new human baby is left on their doorstep and they must learn to care for him.  They discover quickly that human babies are not into zombie stuff.  Parenthood can be a struggle normally, so you can imagine how tough it is for these two zombie parents to care for a human baby.  I mean, just imagine!  And guess what?  All your other friends are in this book, the zombie dog, the worms, even a new zombie cat.  You’ll probably love it.



 12. Hug Machine – $17

Here is a classic pick! HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.  He hugs people, but he also hugs things.  Nothing escapes.  Nothing.  He even solves problems with his hugs.  Sometimes he comes up against some real tough hugs.  Hugs that would make others give right the heck up and turn away.  But the Hug Machine never backs down.  And if you, the reader, need a hug?  The Hug Machine will hug you.  Do not worry!  Everyone gets a hug.


And thus concludes this SCOTT C. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.  I hope you all have some wonderfully warm holiday times.  You are great.


love,  Scott C.

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