The Scott C Holiday Gift Guide

Hello, everybody!  It’s that time of the year again!  The season where you have to come up with gifts to give people!  It can be a whole lot of work to use your brain to come up with gift ideas, so sit back relax and let me just figure it all out for you!

I have compiled a list of some Scott C things for your loved ones to enjoy.  And it is all in The Scott C Shop!  One stop shopping.  Plus from now until Dec 4th, you will be able to get everything at 10% off!  (just use the code Holiday10)


  1. Splendid Life: The Art of Scott C. $25

This is the new art book from Insight Editions collecting most of my work over the past 5 years or so! All the hits never before seen in the previous volume Amazing Everything are in there: Sonny the Fox, that Mad Max painting, the Ghostbustland piece, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks stuff, my Paris stuff, all those cute unicorns that live amongst the clouds and eat rainbows, the Wild West stuff, mummies, monsters, ghosts!, skulls, flowers… ALL OF IT.  Your loved one with freak out on it.


2 . Scott C. journals $15

Also from Insight Edtions are these new Scott C.  Journals!  Two blank paged journals come wrapped up together and are anxiously awaiting your loved one’s drawings and notes!




3. NEW PIN PARTY PINS!  $10 each 

There are all kinds of new pins for your loved ones jackets and backpacks!  New dinosaur pins and dog pins and Forest of Things pins and even some Great Northern pins (although these are almost out).  Go get those pins!


4. “The Writer’s Room” print $30 (11×16 inches, edition of 100)

Monkeys at a table in the Writer’s Room!  These monkeys are working so hard!  Just like your loved ones!


5. “Jungle Moments” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)

Oh, look at these tough guys in the jungle.  If your loved one is into being tough or tender, this print is probably for them.

6. “Box Kite” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 100)

Some little sprouts are enjoying this branch here.  Some box kite down time.  If your loved one likes sprites and kites, then get this print for their wall!


7. “Web Slinger Upon Ball” print – $25 (8×10 inches, edition of 75)

Oh, i’ll bet all your loved ones love the great WEB SLINGER! Here he is spinning a ball out of his webs so he can roll the heck around!  Perfect gift for someone who loves knitting and spinning balls and rolling around.


8. “Princess Upon The Mound” print – $30 (11×14 inches, edition of 200)

This princess is a powerful princess.  She has deflected all the bullets and stands upon a mound made of happy and defeated people.  If your loved one is powerful and into standing on mounds this is the print for them!

9. “Dinosaur Day” print – $45 (13×19, edition of 100)

Oh, my goodness.  Look at all these dinosaurs just hanging about amongst the volcanoes.  Not a care in the world.  What the heck are dinosaurs doing wearing clothes?  What an imaginative element.  What loved one is NOT into dinosaurs?  I think pretty much all loved ones are into dinosaurs.  This print will make them all quite happy.

10. “Friends Forever and a Blanket”,“Something On My Shoulders”, and “The Dark Break” prints – $20 each (5×7 inches , edition of 150)

Here are some little space themed prints for all the STAR LOVERS.  Just friends hanging about hanging some blue milk and chatting.  Perfect for lovers of blue milk and shoulders.




11. “XO, OX A Love Story” children’s picture book – $18

This is one of the latest books that I have illustrated. Adam Rex and I have teamed up to bring you a story of love and letters!  Oxen and Gazelles!  Suspenders and fancy dresses!!  Brought to you by Neal Porter Books at Roaring Brook Press!  Very pleasant gift for the little loved ones or an older loved one who still writes love letters.

12. “Brobot Bedtime” children’s picture book – $17

BROBOT BEDTIME is my newest book about three robot brothers who have a difficult time getting the heck to sleep! It’s a clever little story by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen from Abrams Books.  Lot’s of paintings of robots in a bedroom setting.  There are also ROBOT SOUND EFFECTS.  Your little loved ones can look forward to that.

13. Unicorn Tote Bag – $15 and Unicorn Shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20

Do your loved ones like UNICORNS??  Do they like wearing shirts or carrying things around in bags?  Well, look no further.  These are ready to go.

14. Devil Bones shirt (Men’s and Women’s styles!) – $20

Perhaps your loved ones would enjoy some Devil Bones strolling around on their bodies?  Here is a shirt for those loved ones.

15. Great Showdowns v2 limited edition figurine! $120 each
This the very first figure ever to be created of my work and the first in a series of Great Showdowns themed toys. The original run sold out at San Diego Comic Con, so this is VOLUME 2! Each two figure set is 3 3/4” scale and will come on a signed card back. All figures are hand cast and hand painted. If your loved one likes toys that they will probably leave in the package then this is for them! (special note: the 10% discount excludes the Showdowns toy unfortunately.  I’m sorry!)

16. SPECIAL DEAL: the Double Fine Action Comics 

And last but not least, there’s a big sale on the Double Fine Action Comics Books going on right now! Remember those wonderful stories? Experience the magic with Knight, Muscleman, Captain, Thompson, and 2HB! $10 per book or $15 for two!  $20 for the hardcover or $35 for set of two!


Alright, everyone. There you go!  Shopping is all done!  Congratulations!  Have the best holiday season!

your friend, Scott C

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