XO, OX – NEW Book and Art Exhibition!


Oh, boy, do I have an announcement for all of you!  It’s a NEW BOOK!  Adam Rex and I have teamed up to bring you a story of love and letters!  Oxen and Gazelles!  Suspenders and fancy dresses!!  It is called XO,OX – A Love Story and it is out in stores right now! Brought to you by Neal Porter Books at Roaring Brook Press!  Go down to your local bookstores and pick it up in your hands!

Remember when we used to write letters telling one another how much we loved or felt annoyed with each other?  This story really taps into that excitement.  You will probably love it.

Adam and I will be celebrating the release with a solo exhibition of the book’s artwork at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday Jan 14th!  Jon Klassen will be celebrating the release of his new book We Found A Hat with an exhibition on the same evening at Gallery Nucleus!  Come hang out with us!


XO,OX – A Love Story

January 14 – January 29


Saturday, January 14th (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Free Admission, All Ages Welcome, No RSVP

Los Angeles, CA ​— Artist Scott C and author Adam Rex will both be in the gallery in

celebration of their latest children’s book, XO,OX A Love Story!

○ Original artwork from the book on display

○ Scott will be doing some live drawings! If you are lucky you might get one…

○ Live reading by Adam Rex!

○ Fun XO,OX related activities and free themed refreshments served


And if you live in New York, I will be celebrating at Books of Wonder in the beginning of Feburary!  Adam will unfortunately not be in attendance at this one, but perhaps we can have a little picture of him there for you to chat with.


And now would you like to see some spreads from the book?  How about some rough workups for the book?



Here are some early character designs. I treated these exactly like how I treat designing character for the DOUBLE FINE games! Because it’s nice and clear I think.  Editors and Art Directors and Tim Schafer can choose their favorite letters and numbers…

XOOXRoughs_Gazelle08 XOOXRoughs_Gazelle09  Gazelle_StyleColors XOOXRoughs_Gazelle02

XOOXRoughs_Ox02 XOOXRoughs_Ox6 XOOXRoughs_Ox01 XOOX_Spreads02

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