My contribution to Gallery 1988’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Show, starting in NYC! (It travels to some more cities, but i am unsure of the details, you guys)

Opening April 19 …runs through 26th

@ 69 Leonard Street in lower manhattan.  (Right around the corner from the Ghostbusters Firehouse)


Slayer and Cold Friend

“Slayer and Cold Friend”

My piece for Gallery 1988’s 10 Year Anniversary Show this Friday.

Game of Thrones is back, everyone.

Let us celebrate.

MoCCA Arts Fest 2014


It’s that time of year again, you guys!  The conventions are beginning to resurface this weekend.  This is the first of 2014 for me and it is here in New York City which is where I live. Very exciting, you guys.



This weekend, April 5 – 6, 11am-6pm

I will be at table D32

I will be bringing all kinds of books and prints with me, including the brand new limited edition print called “Dogs Enjoying Park”!


I will also be live drawing with Finnish cartoonist Ville Ranta and his band on Sunday @ 3:30pm 

3:30 pm - ROOM ONE 

Live Drawing: Comics in Concert

Finnish cartoonist Ville Ranta and musicians Niko Kumpuvaara (accordion) and Aleksi Ranta(guitar) bring their internationally successful “Comics in Concert” musical live drawing event to MoCCA. Ranta will be joined by North American cartoonists Scott CampbellMiriam Katin, andmore, who will all create new, projected drawings to festive, live musical accompaniment before your very eyes.


Here are some highlights of what I shall have at table D32:

NEW limited edition print “Dogs Enjoying Park” $35  (edition of 100)


GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN with foreword by Edgar Wright. $15


If Dogs Run Free picture book – by Bob Dylan with pictures by Scott Campbell $18


Volumes 1 and 2 of Double Fine Action Comics from ONI Press. $20 each

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“Givin’ Out Zaps” prints $30 (edition of 200)




MoCCA Fest is held in Manhattan at:

The 69th Regiment Armory

68 Lexington Avenue

between E. 25th & E. 26th Street

New York, NY 10010


See you there!

Zombie In Love: The Musical!


You guys, I had the incredible pleasure of visiting Portland to see the new Zombie In Love musical based on the picture book i illustrated with Kelly DiPucchio!  It was created and performed by the Oregon Children’s Theater and it was just so so good!  I could not believe it.  I had a little bit of tears about it i think.  And the songs were really catchy, you guys.

Marci Crowson, the director, was kind enough to take us on a little backstage tour prior to the show where we checked out stage miniatures and props.  I was super excited to see worm hand puppets!  After the show, we signed books for the kids and met the cast.  It really was so impressive and just so much fun, you guys.  I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!  It runs until March 23rd.

There were also a few local cartoonists invited to the show that evening to do some sketches inspired by the production: Mike RussellLucy Bellwood , and my buddy Graham Annable even did some sweet cartoons.  They are posting them somewhere.  i will find out and then add it to this post here.

I would like to share with you some photos of my visit and the play itself.  More of the professional production photos can be found HERE, if you are interested. And more from our visit can be found HERE.

Here are some of the professional photos of the production that i definitely did not take. They added school scenes and more build up of Mildred’s character and i loved it!  They also added the worms as narrators and moral support for Mortimer. Super cute. zombie_dance zombie_2130 zombie_1564R5xSc zombie_1331R5xSc zombie_0278 zombie_0088     Here is am with the director, Marci Crowson!     13069069575_91571a37b9_b     And here are the amazing leads Blake Peebles and Madison Wray… IMG_6089     Here’s Mildred’s room, you guys…. IMG_6022   The theater was real pretty as well. Reminded me of Shakespeare’s Globe theater, only not a globe shape… IMG_6013   They even had Mortimer’s zombie dog on his coffin couch! IMG_6012     Look at these cute mini sets Marci made for the production team…   IMG_6007 Here is the props table. Worm puppets, you guys!  Right there on the table!IMG_6003

Signing books and meeting kids…13069502824_5e3150e26a_b 13069084265_a00e814832_b


Mike, Lucy, Graham, and James!13069216613_74bf29cf6a_b 13069527274_17ff4ebd56_b 13069133195_564d6b218e_b


I had my picture taken with the cast. What a splendid cast..


France Trip!

I have just returned from the most amazing trip, you guys.  Spent the past week in Paris, visiting bookshops, meeting people and signing books!  I had just the best time.  Thank you, al of my French friends!  And thank you Cambourakis, for being such a great publisher!  I am excited to come back to France for future things like this.

Let’s check out some memories!

Here is the poster for Les Grands Duels Du Cinéma at the Cambourakis booth at Angouleme…



The old streets of Angouleme were such a splendid setting for a show.  I got distracted by the beautiful buildings though.  for the first few days.

IMG_5540 IMG_5548


This is the Chateau the Cambourakis got for all of us to stay in.  It was way out in the countryside and super beautiful to drive to.  They had chickens, you guys.



One of the little plazas in Angouleme. Hanging out in cafes is pretty much my absolute favorite things to do in France…



Here i am signing books at Festival. The Cambourakis booth…

IMG_5589 IMG_5590



Here is the ancient Author Breakroom at Angouleme. It was nuts.  You could get coffee or Cognac.  Whichever..IMG_5612


Saturday got pretty crowded, of course…



Some of the other great Cambourakis authors: Birgit Wheyhe, Joanna Hellgren,  and Will Morris…



Zeina Abirachad, Antonin, and the master organizer Chiara..





Relaxing by the fire in the Chateau with Shane on the piano…





Last meal in Angouleme, prepared by Frederich of Cambourakis.  The scallops were the best flavored thing i have ever put in my mouth, i think…



In PARIS!  Hooked up with Alec Longstreth and Charles Forsman to check out the catacombs.  There are medieval bones down there, you guys…

IMG_5679 IMG_5695IMG_5750


The Cambourakis offices.  In case, you were wondering what they looked like…





I did most of my PAris signings with Shane (S.M.) Vidarri.  I enjoyed visiting all of these shops.  All very different…




Oh, and Jean-Jaques and Diane Launier of Galerie Arludik gave me a tour of their new museum called Art Ludique!  There is a Pixar show there right now that got me real pumped up..



Our last signing of the tour with Joseph Lambert…



Thanks again, everyone!  I will see you next tiiiimmeee..


- scott c

I’m Coming to FRANCE!



I am coming to France! And i am very excited about it.

Firstly, I will be attending the Angouleme Festival, sitting with Editions Cambourakis (LE NOUVEAU MONDE – N38) signing the new Les Grands Duels Du CinémabooksJan 30 – Feb 2.  I also plan on having some prints with me.

I will then be in Paris signing Les Grands Duels Du Cinéma books all week long!  So please come say bonjour!


PARIS Signing Schedule

Tuesday 4th of February- 17h30 - Libraire Millepages

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri, Derf Backderf and Joseph Lambert.


Wednesday 5th of February - 17h Librairie Comptoir des mots

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri


Thursday 6th of February -16h -  Librairie Album

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri


Friday 7th of February - 17h  Librairie Superheros

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri


Saturday 8th of February - 16h Libraire BDnet

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri


Sunday 9th of February - 16h Librairie Page 189

Signing with the author Shane Michael Vidaurri et Joseph Lambert


Joe Lambert is a real good bro of mine.  You will love him.


Ok!  See you soon!


Hello, everyone!  Well, there goes 2013.  What an interesting year.  Some ups and downs for everyone!

Let us celebrate by looking back upon the MOST POPULAR of the showdowns from last year, shall we?  Let us do this right now!

Thank you for supporting and enjoying the Great Showdowns for so long!  I love you guys.

Oh!  AND TAKE NOTE: the next Great Showdowns Exhibition shall be in July of 2014 at Gallery 1988.  So mark that month on your calendars.  I will not let you forget though.  don’t worry.

Ok, thank you thank you!

In a sincere fashion, SCOTT C.

Scott C Holidays…

Hey, everyone!  It’s holiday season!  You are probably looking for gifts for your loved ones.  Well, i’ve got some ideas for you.  want to hear them?

Ok, here is the Scott C inspired list:

1.  GREAT SHOWDOWNS THE RETURN with foreword by Edgar Wright. $15. This will be so fun for everyone.  You can play the name the movie game during dinner or at some other family gathering.  Whether wearing your PJs or some sort of ball gown dress, this will be an enjoying time for you.

2. Great Showdowns book 1: $15 Or get the first book as well and make it a two pack holiday!  Double the family love.

3.  Double Fine Action Comics collections:  Volume 1 and volume 2 $20 each. If actual comic strips are more your speed then no problem.  These collections of those Double Fine comics will really get them pumped.  Many lessons to be learned from Knight, Muscle Man, and the two Spacemen.

4. If Dogs Run Free picture book – by Bob Dylan with pictures by Scott Campbell $18. Those kids that you know are probably super into dogs and also Bob Dylan, so this book might be right up their alley.  There are at least 200 dogs in this book.  Just going nuts.

5. PRINTS: Caring For Others“, “The Retreat“, “Sharing Time, and many others. Perhaps, your loved ones live in a place that has walls?  Those walls could use some sprucing up and these prints would do just that.  A good spruce up.  Whether they dig comic books or skeletons or olde timey people, there is probably something here that they will be way into.

6. Gallery Nucleus and Gallery 1988 also have all kinds of original Scott C paintings, prints, and merch that you might dig.  Or your loved ones might dig.

And that’s about it for now.  Enjoy your holidays, everyone!!  See you in 2014.


Great Showdowns in Austin!


I’m in Austin, TX!

I will be signing books and prints at Mondo Gallery on Monday evening, Nov 11, from 7 – 9pm.

4115 Guadalupe St.

Come by!  I would love to say hi to you.


IMG_3710 IMG_3717


Hey, look everyone!  The first Great Showdowns book has been released in France!  Now you can finally read my amazing introduction in French!  It is called “LES GRANDS DUELS DU CINEMA”!

It has been published by Cambourakis and they did a splendid job.  i like the paper.  just so you know.

So go pick it up in your French town!



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